Mobility Cars for All The Family

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Jillian Emmett and her family, from Reading, near London, are delighted that they have finally found a mobility car, in the Volkswagen Vista, that’s big enough for all the family.

Finding an affordable car big enough for a family of five can be a challenge for anyone.  However, considering that Jillian uses a scooter and her daughter Charlotte is a wheelchair user, the Emmett family faced a bigger challenge than most to find a wheelchair accessible vehicle spacious enough for all the family.

Mobility Cars Search

Amazingly the family had only ever owned a standard car.  After doing some research Jillian was delighted to learn that they qualified for a wheelchair accessible vehicle through theMotability Scheme and so began the search for mobility cars that suited their needs as a family.

Having looked at various vehicles, Jillian and her husband were struggling to find a big enough car but after contacting Allied Mobility were thrilled to hear about the Volkswagen Vista.

Jillian commented: “When we found out we qualified for a wheelchair accessible vehicle we were really pleased as we knew it would help to make life easier with myself using a scooter and Charlotte using a wheelchair.

Discovering Allied Mobility

“We had looked at Allied Mobility’s cars and thought their prices were really competitive but we didn’t think they would cover our area.

“We needn’t have worried as after contacting them we discovered that they cover the whole of the UK which was great for us.  Soon after our local mobility advisor, Paul, came to visit us and gave us a demonstration on the Vista.  The size and style of the car were just what we wanted – I can just drive my scooter into the back of the car then transfer to sit in the passenger seat.

“When my daughter Charlotte is travelling with us as well there’s still plenty of space in the Vista for her folded wheelchair to fit inside the car beside my scooter.  It didn’t take us long to decide that this was the right mobility car for us.”

Based on the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life, Vista mobility cars are stylish multi passenger vehicles capable of carrying four passengers as well as a wheelchair user.  Wheelchair access is a priority in this vehicle, with excellent accessibility features such as the lightweight FlatFold™ ramp, lowered floor and high quality wheelchair restraints.

Effortless Wheelchair Entry

Jillian continued: “The wheelchair access features of the Vista are great.  Using the ramp and restraints is so straight-forward my husband just has to release the ramp with the pull of a lever and it folds down to the ground.  The lowered floor also means the ramp is not steep so I have no difficulty steering my powered wheelchair into the car so my husband doesn’t need to push me.”

“Since getting the Vista daily trips have become uncomplicated.  We have planned a holiday to France to visit family which will be so much easier now all the family can fit in the car and there will be no hassle taking my scooter.”

Friendly Service

“We simply cannot fault the service we received from Allied Mobility.  When Paul came out to demo the car I had a list of questions ready for him and he answered them all.  He was really nice and by the end it felt like he was a family friend!

“When we took delivery of our Vista the delivery driver took us through the demo again to make sure we were happy which we definitely were.”

Vista mobility cars are available exclusively from Allied Mobility.  You can buy or hire vehicles or go through the Motability Cars Scheme, with Advanced Payments starting from £2,895.  This impressive MPV offers the ideal solution for small groups or large families looking for a stylish wheelchair accessible vehicle.



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