Nearly New, Totally Trustworthy

nearly new allied mobility peugeot horizon

The Motability Scheme offers a variety of options for people with reduced mobility.  These include brand new cars, scooters and wheelchair accessible vehicles.  Now you can also find ‘nearly new’ wheelchair accessible cars as well.

Ayrshire couple, Joe and Cathy Horner, were looking for all the benefits of a wheelchair accessible vehicle from Allied Mobility and decided to opt for the Motability Nearly New Scheme, which offered a lower up-front investment for the car they wanted.

Motability Nearly New Scheme

The Motability Nearly New Scheme combines the peace of mind of leasing throughMotability with the benefit of reduced Advance Payments.  All vehicles on the scheme are guaranteed to be less than two and a half years old and have low mileage, so they’re an ideal choice for people looking for a great wheelchair accessible vehicle on a smaller budget.

Happy Horizon

The Horners decided that the Peugeot Horizon™ was the car for them and their local mobility advisor, Scott, brought it out to their home for a test drive.

Joe comments: “I explained that I’d recently had a hip replacement so Scott suggested we try an automatic.  I was a little dubious at first as I’d never driven one but it turns out it was great advice.  Driving an automatic is really pleasant and saves me any pain from my hip, so Scott’s recommendation was really valuable.”

Joe loves how easy Horizon™ is to park: “When I thought of a wheelchair accessible vehicle I presumed it was going to be huge but Horizon is compact enough for me to park easily.

It’s also roomy enough that everyone is comfortable and there’s loads of space for Cathy’s scooter.  The sliding doors are great too because I don’t have to worry so much about space either side of the vehicle.”

In the past the Horners could store Cathy’s scooter in their car boot – but only after dismantling it. Joe adds: “Once the scooter was in the back of our previous car there was no room for anything else.

“In our Horizon we can go out as a family and still have loads of room for shopping in the back, next to the scooter.”

The extra space also means that when they arrive at their destination, Cathy can easily and quickly transfer into her scooter and they can be on their way, without having to spend time assembling it.

Catching Up with Friends

The couple regularly use their Horizon™ to visit family in Dumbarton and they’re enthusiastic members of their local disability club.

Joe says: “The club is great and gives us a chance to catch up with friends.  We enjoy lunch together and then play bingo or dominoes for the rest of the afternoon.  We go twice a week and it’s a 14 mile round trip, so having our Horizon now means that it’s a stress-free, enjoyable journey.”

Joe really enjoys driving their Horizon™ and comments: “I used to be a full-time driver and it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing.

“Horizon is so comfortable and easy to drive that it’s a great way for me to relax.  It’s important to me that my car is reliable and with Horizon I get great peace of mind – I don’t have to worry that we’re going to be stranded anywhere or that it’ll break down.  It doesn’t hurt that the fuel economy is so good either!”

From their home demonstration through to delivery of their wheelchair accessible vehicle, the Horners have nothing but good things to say about the customer service from Allied Mobility:

“I’m over the moon with the service we’ve received.” Joe enthuses.

“From the advice we were given about choosing a car on the Motability Nearly New Scheme to the option of having automatic transmission for the comfort of my hip, Allied’s staff have been full of thoughtful recommendations and I feel comfortable knowing I have made an informed decision.  Our new car is great and I’m really glad we decided to go for it.”


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