New Horizon for Barbara


New Horizon for Barbara

Barbara Glew and her husband Mike, from Fareham in Hampshire, are “over the moon” with their new Peugeot Horizon wheelchair car, available exclusively from Allied Mobility. Previously accustomed to wheelchair cars with poor visibility, Barbara is now enjoying long awaited pleasant journeys in her new Horizon, taking in the scenery on every trip.

A New Vision

For the past five years, Barbara has had to accept that she would not be able to see out of her wheelchair converted car when travelling in her wheelchair.  Once her five year Motabilty contract was due for renewal, Barbara relished the chance to find the perfect wheelchair car for her travelling needs.

Discovering Allied’s Peugeot Horizon, Barbara and Mike were pleasantly surprised with the ultra low advance payment on the Motability scheme and called Allied for a free home demonstration. Mike recalls: “We got to see the car first hand in a matter of days and had the chance to try the vehicle out. It’s comfortable and the new ramp is excellent. It was a definite yes.”

Unique FlexiFold™ Wheelchair Ramp

The Peugeot Horizon offers optimum accessibility with Motability approved full lap and diagonal wheelchair passenger seatbelt and wheelchair restraints as standard. Featuring a low ramp gradient and new unique FlexiFold™ wheelchair ramp, entry and exit is a breeze.

All five original Peugeot seats come as standard with the Horizon.  When the wheelchair passenger is traveling in the car, two seats quickly fold away to provide wheelchair space with one remaining rear passenger seat still available for a passenger to accompany the wheelchair user.  What more, you even get a remote control electric wheelchair winch to aid entry and exit, if required.

Even shorter in length than many other wheelchair ramps,  the FlexiFold™ ramp needs less space to unfold, making parking stress free and giving you a wider choice of parking spaces. What’s more, the FlexiFold™ ramp folds flat to the vehicle floor when the wheelchair passenger area is not in use, blending into the cars stylish interior and creating valuable space for shopping trips.

A keen golfer, Mike makes great use of the new FlexiFold™ ramp on his weekly trip to the golf course. “The new ramp from Allied is so handy, a great help when I need to transport my golf clubs. Its new design is totally different to any other ramps we have seen. When Barbara’s not travelling in her wheelchair the ramp folds down to the floor and transforms the Horizon into a standard car. You wouldn’t even know it’s a WAV!”

The Peugeot Horizon has one of the lowest advance payments on the Motability Scheme of just £395. Available to buy, rent or through Motabiltiy the Horizon offers you a high quality conversion with and affordable price tag.

Easy Access for Less

Barbara loves her new Horizon. It gives her everything she was looking for, a comfortable journey and great views whilst travelling in her wheelchair. Mike’s also satisfied as the car is not only economical but offers a well finished and stylish interior. Mike explains: “We had a budget in mind for the car and the low Advance Payment on the Horizon was a great option for us. Once we saw the vehicle first hand we were so surprised at the excellent conversion available at that price – and it’s a diesel too!”

With the quick and easy wheelchair access that the Horizon offers,
Barbara and Mike have been enjoying getting out and about a lot more. “Our daily trips are so much easier in the Horizon. All I need to do is pop down the ramp and place the wheelchair restraints onto Barbara’s electric wheelchair and she just drives up the ramp, guided by the electric winch. Once in, I hook the rear wheelchair restraints on and we’re off.”

Summer Holidays

The couple are planning a number of trips this summer and are hoping to visit the Eden Project in Devon in a few weeks time. Mike comments: “We are really looking forward to trips away over the next few months. There are lots of places we’d like to visit so it’s just down to the planning now.”

Proud grandparents, Mike and Barbara love to spend time with their family. “We have seven grandkids and they all want a trip away with us in our new car this summer so we have lots to get organised to keep everyone happy. It’ll be lovely to have them travelling with us.”

Barbara is always busy knitting for the kids, she explains: “I really enjoy sewing and knitting. I usually knit clothes and blankets for my grandchildren, so I like to pop out now and again to pick up wool and it’s so easy now with our new car. It lets me enjoy my hobbies that bit more.”

Helpful Service

Mike comments: “The service from Allied was very good. Our mobility consultant explained everything to us during the demonstration, and was very helpful. We love our new wheelchair accessible Horizon and would definitely recommend it.”

For more information on Allied Mobility’s range of wheelchair accessible cars and MPV’s or to arrange a FREE home demonstration on the Peugeot Horizon simply call freephone 0800 916 3062, email or visit

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