Opening Doors at Smithills

Opening Doors at Smithills

For many schools having a minibus is a vital component in their daily activity.  Used for educational trips, sporting events and transportation of students to different classes, a minibus can be a great asset and help in improving a schools curriculum.

Smithills School, a co-educational 11-16 comprehensive school and specialist art college in Bolton, is just one of many schools who understand the important role transport can play within education.


Ken Howell, the school’s headmaster explains:  “In a large school like ours having our own minibus is a must.  The ability to have in-house transport makes more efficient use of resources and enables us to give students access to the wider community.”

Since purchasing the New Peugeot Monarch from Allied Vehicles, Smithills have been scooting their pupils all around the local community for both educational and leisure trips.

“The children enjoy trips from visiting local construction sites to learn all about the building trade to going to the valodrome for cycling.  Their visits to the Chill Factor at Stafford park are great fun too!” says Ken.


The school offers a packed curriculum to students including interesting extracurricular activities such as music, sport and performing arts.  Smithhill’s brass band – for the fifteenth consecutive year – has successfully qualified for the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham this year.

Ken explains the important role transport plays in these activities:  “We have a world class brass band, plus table tennis, football and wrestling teams to name but a few.  There are always events and matches we need to attend and our new minibus is perfect for travelling.  The rear seats are easily movable so we can fit in our suitcases, music equipment, sports kits and of course our pupils for any trips we need to make.”

The 17-seat Peugeot Monarch has a variety of access and safety features such as side step, grab handles and central locking that provide maximum accessibility and safety, making the bus ideal for carrying groups, especially school children.

Ken added: “We have a tradition of running a school minibus and our latest model helps us to continue opening doors for our students.  It will also help us in meeting new government guidelines that advise that school children should have more access to the roads and to the wider community.  We are proud to travel in the new Peugeot Monarch; it demonstrates the school’s philosophy of high quality and professionalism.

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