South East Mobility Day Review

For our second Mobility Day of the year we headed to Weybridge and made Brooklands Museum our home for the day.

Mixing Modern Engineering with Old

With all eight current Allied Mobility wheelchair accessible vehicles on show, we were able to demonstrate how our mobility cars can be used for a variety of needs.  Our second hand and hire vehicles also proved popular.

“I didn’t realise you offer such a large choice of vehicles until I saw them on display today.”

It was particularly enjoyable to have our wheelchair accessible vehicles alongside motors from 1900 and witnessing first-hand just how much engineering has advanced over the last two centuries.

We Came, We Saw, We Concorde

The venue itself was a treat.  A nod back to the 1920’s, music from the era played in the background as guests made their way around classic cars, motorbikes and aircraft.

The must-see attraction of the day however stood proudly on the tarmac.  With its sleek design and sharp nose, the British Airways Concorde is certainly a spectacle to behold.

Helping Hand

We were in great company with Q’Straint offering their expertise on wheelchair travel safety; while People’s Parking and Disabled Motoring UK provided a range of information on current disability topics and projects.

Visitor Feedback

With over 280 visitors sharing the day with us, we were blown away with some of the comments.  One visitor said: “It was a place where we were accepted as the norm, not as an inconvenience.”

Facebook user, Stephen Driver, also commented: “Thank you Allied Mobility for organising a really great event today. I didn’t realise you offer such a large choice of vehicles until I saw them on display today.”

As we take off from Brooklands Museum, the fun doesn’t stop. We’re headed north for our next event to Sage Gateshead. Click HERE for tickets.

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