Sunshine on the Horizon for Julie and Ian

Julie Gallier and husband Ian are delighted with the flexibility they now have thanks to their new Peugeot Horizon. The couple, from Weston-super-Mare completed a lot of research in order to determine what transport solution would best suit their needs.

Julie suffers from multiple sclerosis and sadly received news that her condition had worsened. This prompted the couple into looking at swapping their previous car for a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Ian comments: “We already had a car through the Motability scheme but when I explained our situation they gave us some advice on where to look and some of the options available to us.”

Ian suffers from arthritis and was finding it difficult to help Julie in and out of the car and then to lift her wheelchair into the boot.

He explains: “The electric winch is great as it does all the work – it’s definitely a big help.”

He continues: “When we initially called we spoke to one of the Allied Mobility advisors. He was very good and got us an appointment straight away”

John, Allied Mobility’s local mobility consultant, took a demonstration car to Julie and Ian’s home so that they could try it for themselves.

Ian recalls: “He was excellent. We were worried about whether or not Julie would be comfortable but it was better than our existing car, even when John took us over some bumpy roads, Julie didn’t feel a thing!”am scooter 028

The Best Solution

Based on the Peugeot Partner, Horizon is ideal for those looking for a stylish wheelchair accessible vehicle.  With a lowered floor, innovative EasyGlide™ ramp and easy-to-use wheelchair restraint system, Horizon™ offers optimum accessibility for the wheelchair passenger.  Available in a range of seating layouts, it combines flexibility, convenience and style to make it an ideal mobility vehicle.

Having looked at various options, seeing the Horizon first hand helped Julie and Ian reach a decision on the best way forward.

Ian says: “Our minds were pretty much made up straight away. In fact we were so impressed that we asked for the first available car regardless of the colour! Ours is ‘shark grey’ and looks very smart.”

Sunshine on the Horizon

Ian enthuses: “The Horizon™ is so comfortable and relaxing.  I love the fact that it’s so easy to drive, and I’m getting more miles per gallon than ever before!”

Ian enjoys driving the Peugeot Horizon™ and Julie feels secure and comfortable, so much so that they’re planning on taking a trip that they never thought they could do before.

“We’re going to drive to the Mediterranean, all the way to Gibraltar!”

Flying was an option before for the couple but now that Julie needs a little more equipment travelling by road makes more sense.

“We could only manage the journey in a wheelchair accessible vehicle now as we need room for all of Julie’s things,” explains Ian.  there’s plenty of room to get everything in and it still feels spacious.”

“Not only does Julie feel safe, secure, and comfortable, the Horizon has a range of features such as reverse parking sensors which make getting out and about so much easier.

The whole process has been so smooth from our initial enquiry to the demonstration and finally the delivery of our brand new vehicle – we can’t praise Allied Mobility enough!

Their Allied Mobility consultant, John, went back to visit the couple a few weeks after delivery to ensure they were happy and answer any additional questions they might have had about the Horizon.

Ian concludes: “The whole process has been so smooth from our initial enquiry to the demonstration and finally the delivery of our brand new vehicle. We can’t praise Allied Mobility enough!”

The Horizon is available to buy, rent or through the Motability Scheme.  For further information or to enquire about any of Allied’s mobility cars and MPVs simply call free on 0800 916 3018, email or visit


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