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For many people, a wheelchair accessible vehicle or WAV can make a huge difference to their quality of life.  Stephen Jones, from Hampshire, is one such Allied Mobility customer who can’t say enough nice things about his new Peugeot Independence™.

Stephen recalls: “When it comes to choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle it’s not as easy as just nipping down to a local dealer, so it was really helpful finding Allied Mobility’s website which housed everything I needed to know.”

Specific Needs

Stephen’s needs were very specific, from the terrain around his house, to his budget.  Allied’s Peugeot Independence turned out to be the perfect answer.   He comments: “It’s as if Independence chose me!”

Independence™ is based on the spacious Peugeot Expert and designed to be flexible and comfortable.  With plenty of seating options it can be tailored to individual needs and comes with many great accessibility features, such as its lightweight EasyFold™ ramp.

Stephen finds the features really simple to use: “Loading my wheelchair is so easy and the ramp is very light to use.  The conversion of the car is brilliant because I have so much space when I’m in it.  I feel as if many designers overlook this for people with disabilities.  My previous wheelchair accessible vehicle was really cramped, so even things like wearing layers on a cold day became awkward and uncomfortable.”

Comfort Comes First

Stephen continues: “It’s so smooth and comfortable too, which makes all the difference to me when travelling long distances.  Now I arrive at my destination fit enough to make the journey worthwhile.”

Stephen and his wife Sue live in the picturesque Hampshire countryside but are sometimes faced with heavy flooding after bad weather.  Their old WAV couldn’t cope with roads awash with rain water, so they always lived with the fear of being marooned at home during the winter.

This is no longer an issue for Stephen:  “My new Independence has brought me so much relief from my fear of being stranded in bad weather.”

Rock and Roll

Stephen has plenty of hobbies that keep him busy, which have all been made much easier with his new car.  Stephen used to be a keen horseman, even representing Great Britain in European Horse Driving Trials and still enjoys following them with Sue.  He plays bass and keyboards in local rock and blues band Cliff Lift and the Zig Zags, which has become so much easier now that he has extra space to transport his gear.

Stephen’s new car also means he can enjoy trips with his family and their dog, Pruddi.  He explains: “Our grandson, Rueben, will be staying with us soon for a week so I’m really excited to spend time with him.  We’ve got a day out planned at the Dorset Steam Fair, which is the biggest and best in the world!”

The couple like holidaying in Europe but found that their previous WAV was just too small to properly enjoy it.  Stephen comments: “A couple of years ago we went to France but it was quite unpleasant in the old car.  Next year we hope to travel to Belgium and Luxembourg and we can’t wait.  How different the experience will be in Independence!”

Peace of Mind

Local mobility advisor John met with Stephen to give him a home demonstration before they decided on a vehicle.

Stephen says: “With all the research I’d done, I was conscious that it might get very confusing but John had a brilliant all round knowledge and was able to guide me through my requirements easily.  His approach and careful direction meant that I was very clear about the vehicle which gave me great peace of mind.

Stephen continues: “When you search for a WAV you don’t necessarily look for how you might feel about a vehicle, you look for how you get in and out or how it is to travel in.  My new Independence has brought me relief from the fear of being stranded in winter.  I really do have a new lease of life.”

Peugeot Independence™ wheelchair accessible cars are available to buy, hire or through the Motability Scheme.   For more information on this vehicle or any of Allied Mobility’s range of wheelchair accessible cars and MPVs, simply call FREE on the number at the top of this page, email or click Peugeot Independence™ here to enquire online.

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