Unlimited Independence

For many people, wheelchair accessible vehicles or WAVs can make a huge difference to their quality of life.  Heather Bewick, from Glasgow, is one such Allied Mobility customer who can’t say enough nice things about her new Ford Independence™.

Heather explains: “When it comes to choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle there are a lot of boxes that need to be ticked from the user’s point of view, so it was really useful finding Allied Mobility’s website which housed everything I needed to know.

She added: “Our local Allied Mobility advisor couldn’t have been more helpful and the demonstration at our home provided us with the kind of reassurance we were looking for during the process. He showed us how to use the lightweight ramp, restraints and the winch.”

Room for Everyone

Heather’s needs are very specific. She is unable to walk as she suffers from multiple sclerosis and reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

Independence™ is based on the spacious Ford Tourneo Custom and designed to be flexible and comfortable.  With plenty of seating options it can be tailored to individual needs and comes with many great accessibility features, such as its lightweight EasyFold™ ramp.

This is the family’s second WAV, as Heather explains: “My previous wheelchair accessible vehicle wasn’t suited to accommodating our entire family and was really cramped. With my husband, son, daughter and dog travelling along with myself we needed something bigger and with a better build quality that gives us all extra peace of mind.

She continues: “We were given lots of different options due to the various seating layouts Independence has available. We always felt that the main priority was for all of our needs to be met in full and that was so important to us.”

Our new WAV has already opened up so many new opportunities to the entire family and I couldn’t be happier!” .

Family Matters

Now the family really enjoys getting out and about. Heather enthuses: “The Independence now provides us with is the ability to visit friends and go to the shops regularly which are things I love doing!

She added: “My family often goes mountain biking and it’s great to see them in action while I watch the world go by. The Independence allows us to enjoy this great family activity as it can accommodate everyone along with the bikes.”

Heather’s daughter, Erin, is also a big fan as Heather observes: “She sits in the front and likes playing with all the technology which is a great way for her to express herself.

Looking Ahead

The family has been busy making plans for their next holiday and Heather is looking forward to getting out and about regularly with her dog.

She explains: “We’re all very excited about the opportunities our new Independence offers,  with trips to Yorkshire and the Lake District already planned.”

Heather concludes: “Our new WAV has already opened up so many new opportunities to the entire family and I couldn’t be happier!”

Ford Independence™, like all of Allied Mobility’s wheelchair accessible vehicles, is available to buy, rent or via the Motability Scheme. For more information or to arrange a home demonstration, call us on the number at the top of this page or click Ford Independence here to enquire online.

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