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What is Strongbones?

Strongbones is a national registered charity helping children with bone conditions, alongside complex needs, under the age of 21.

What does Strongbones do?

Strongbones aim to increase inclusion by providing accessible activities and family interaction days.

The charity also provides a range of disability equipment, including wheelchairs and adapted trikes/ hand cycles, alongside a variety of sensory packs.  They offer invaluable support for families, including guidance on how to make their child’s condition more management and enhance their quality of life.  They also recognise the emotional impact having a disabled brother or sister can have.  Their Super Sibling project runs competitions and activities specifically designed to involve the whole family.

What campaigns are currently running?

Circus Party:

Strongbones host an annual summer party for over 400 people.  This year will take the form of a huge sensory circus.  It’s their sixth party and Strongbones explains the “events are hugely important for families to meet up and network with others in similar circumstances.”


Strongbones has fundraising packs containing a t-shirt, leaflets, balloons and sponsorship forms to get you started with your own fundraising event.  Click here for more info. 

Hospital Visits:

Strongbones surprises children in hospital with some awesome balloon gifts!  A little something that brings some joy and excitement to the wards.

How do I find out more?

Visit the website at or Facebook page.

How to contact Strongbones?

You can get in touch by emailing Or calling 01708 750599.