More On The Horizon

When Arlene Glover decided it was time for a new accessible car some years ago, she happened upon a brochure for the Peugeot Horizon™ from Allied Mobility.  It proved to be a very happy accident indeed.

Upgrade to Accessibility

Arlene, from Swansea in Wales, lives with several conditions, including asthma and heart and lung disease.  Day to day, she maintains her independence by relying on her mobility scooter.  Back 2013, Arlene was on the hunt for a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  It had to have enough room to transport her and the scooter, as well as friends and family on days out and trips away.

Arlene explains: “I read the brochure for the Horizon and saw the offer of convenient home demonstrations, so I contacted Allied Mobility.”

Firm Favourite

The team from Allied were only too happy to help.  After a home demonstration of the Horizon™ with her dedicated mobility consultant, Arlene’s mind was made up.  Six years on, Arlene has stayed loyal to the Horizon™ and to Allied Mobility.

She’s now taken delivery of the latest Horizon™ model, her third, and it’s already a firm favourite.  But Arlene isn’t the only one singing the praises of the Horizon™.  As the UK’s favourite wheelchair accessible vehicle, it’s not difficult to see why it’s achieved this accolade.  Plenty of space for family and friends, wonderful road handling, as well as fantastic fuel economy, make the Horizon™ a great all-rounder.

Winning Features

For Arlene, the durable and light EasyGlide™ ramp is the real winning feature of the Horizon™.  Its low-gradient and user-friendly design means that Arlene has more time and more freedom to get on with life.

Arlene enthuses: “I need a ramp for easy access as it’s the only way I can store my scooter without the hassle of disassembling it whenever I want to travel.  This vehicle has fabulous up to-date-features.  It truly is my saviour!”

A Glowing Report

It’s not just the car earning a glowing report either.  Arlene finds the service she receives with Allied Mobility is what keeps her coming back again and again.

Arlene says: “The service I get from Allied Mobility is exemplary at all times.  From my mobility consultant to the delivery people, everyone is so helpful and kind.  I’m always informed at every step of the process.”

Escape on the Horizon

Since the delivery of her latest Horizon™, Arlene plans to spend her free time putting the new addition through its paces on regular trips away to her caravan in Newquay.

Arlene explains: “As I can no longer fly, the caravan is my escape!  As soon as the weather permits, I’ll be spending as much time as possible there.  With the new car, even the drive down will be a pleasure!”


The Peugeot Partner Horizon™ is available from Allied Mobility to buy, to hire or for lease via the Motability Scheme. To find out more, please call the number at the top of this page or click here to enquire online.

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