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Terrence Browne’s Vision™ of Freedom

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Terrence Browne’s Vision™ of Freedom

Accessibility and mobility play a crucial role in our daily lives, so finding the perfect solution can be a game-changer for individuals and their families. Terrence Browne, a proud owner of a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) from Allied Mobility, loves feeling a greater sense of independence and convenience while sat upfront in his drive-from wheelchair WAV Ford Tourneo Custom Vision™. Read on to find out more about Terrence’s journey with Allied so far.

Meeting Unique Needs

Terrence and his wife Debbie have been happily married for almost two decades and together they share a love for exploring new places. However, Terrence’s wheelchair made traditional transportation options a challenge. That’s when they turned to Allied Mobility, having previously experienced the company’s commitment and exceptional service with their previous vehicles.

With Terrence’s specific requirements in mind, Allied Mobility suggested the Vision™ WAV as the ideal solution. This recommendation was based on a comprehensive understanding of Terrence’s needs and a shared goal to provide him with the best possible experience. Intrigued by the offer, the couple requested a home demonstration, which Allied Mobility can readily provide free of charge.

Always A Smooth Driving Experience

What sets Terrence’s WAV apart is its remarkable accessibility features. The electric tailgate and ramp provide a seamless entry into the vehicle, allowing Terrence to effortlessly manoeuvre into the front seating area, where he can comfortably settle into his wheelchair.

The convenience and comfort of this setup make every journey a pleasure, allowing Terrence to sit up front, just like everyone else.

While Terrence enjoys the benefits of his WAV from the passenger seat, it’s Debbie who gets behind the wheel. According to Terrence, she is truly delighted by the ease and agility with which the vehicle handles. Despite its size, the WAV drives like a dream, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both driver and passenger alike.

Terrence and Debbie have always cherished their annual trip to Holland, and thanks to their Allied Mobility WAV, they can continue this tradition. The reliability and convenience of their vehicle make long-distance travel a breeze and they are now looking forward to going on more such adventures.

The Allied Mobility Advantage

Terrence understands the importance of choosing a vehicle that caters to his specific needs. Rather than settling for a less suitable option, he strongly recommends considering and investing in a WAV that provides everything you require, including the quality of after-sales service. Right from the thoughtful design of our vehicles to the HomeStay™ service, where we come to your home for servicing, Allied Mobility go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

Terrence finds great confidence in the well-built, durable vehicles we offer, knowing they are designed to last and perform reliably.


Terrence confidently recommends Allied Mobility to anyone in search of a wheelchair accessible vehicle, knowing that they will receive second-to-none service and a vehicle that exceeds their expectations. Discover your own path to enhanced independence and comfort with Allied Mobility today!

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