Vista Mobility Car Makes Shopping Easy


The Keatings family, from Kirkcaldy, Fife, are enjoying more shopping trips together thanks to their new Volkswagen Vista mobility car.

Like any 14 year old girl, Shannon Keatings, who uses a wheelchair has always had a passion for shopping but taking Shannon to the shops proved difficult for her mother Julie when getting her in and out of a normal car.

In the past Julie had to struggle to lift Shannon from her wheelchair into the back of her car and long journeys proved uncomfortable for Shannon.  Shannon relies on the family car to get to the shops so Mr and Mrs Keatings set out to find a wheelchair accessible mobility car so that family trips were more enjoyable.

Mobility Car with Style

Having looked at the different mobility cars available from Allied Mobility, Mr & Mrs Keatings found the Volkswagen Vista met with all their families needs.

Based on the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi, the Vista is a multi passenger vehicle with lots of space and an ultra stylish interior.  Accessibility is Vista’s priority with a lowered floor and FlexiFold ramp.  This unique ramp provides an easy angle of entry and also folds completely flat to the floor, providing plenty of extra space when no wheelchair is in the vehicle.

After arranging a free-of-charge home demonstration with one of the nationwide network of local Allied Mobility advisors, the Keatings were delighted with the Vista mobility car and the excellent accessibility features.

Making Life Easier

Julie explains: “The Vista is a brilliant car, getting Shannon in and out of the vehicle is a breeze.  The lowered floor and FlexiFold ramp have made life 100% easier.  Before we got the car family trips could be a bit of a nightmare but now we have no problems at all, the Volkswagen Vista has made such a difference.

“Shannon has always loved getting out and about but we couldn’t take her out as much as we would have liked but now we’re out all the time thanks to our Vista.”

Safety and Comfort

As well as its stylish good looks the new Vista mobility vehicle also comes with excellent safety features, including a high quality wheelchair restraint system which is tested to meet stringent Motability quality regulations.

Julie says: “In our previous car safety was a concern as it was difficult for Shannon to sit in a normal seat but now she can remain in her wheelchair secured by the outstanding restraint system.

“Before we would avoid long journeys because Shannon would get uncomfortable but now we can go anywhere.  We recently went on a family trip to Dundee which Shannon loved.  It’s a journey which we could not have made in our old car as Shannon wouldn’t have been comfortable, now that is simply not an issue.”

The Vista is an ideal solution for larger families with ample space and storage features.  With a family of six, the Keatings were delighted with the spacious interior of the Vista.

Julie says: “As well as Shannon we have another two daughters and a son so we need a spacious car.  The Vista has lots of storage compartments which is very handy when you have four children.”


Mr and Mrs Keatings were also delighted with the service they received from Allied Mobility.  Julie adds: “The service we received from Allied was great, from our mobility advisor who did our free home demonstration to the delivery driver, the whole process was easy and everyone was very helpful.  I would definitely recommend the Vista for anyone looking for a great family friendly mobility car.”

The Vista is available to buy or rent on the Motablilty scheme with Advance Payments starting from £2,895.  This impressive MPV offers the ideal solution for small groups or large families looking for a stylish wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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