Exercising in Your Wheelchair

The team at WheelPower has put together a brilliant exercise programme for disabled people of all abilities.

About WheelPower

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WheelPower British Wheelchair Sport has been going strong for over 70 years and provides support for wheelchair users in sport, from “first timers to Paralympic medallists.”

They’ve filmed a brilliant how-to video to keep you in shipshape condition.  Physical Activity Advisor, Bob O’Shea, demonstrates a variety of exercises you can complete from your wheelchair.  Using a resistance band, the exercises are aimed at muscle strengthening, increasing flexibility and stamina.  Bob’s exercises can be completed both indoors and out.

Why Exercise?

As well as having obvious physical benefits, exercising is good for your mental health.  Although the type of exercise you chose will depend on how much mobility you have in your wheelchair, it can also be a good way to meet new people if you can join a sports club.

The NHS advises that adults aged 19-64 should complete at least 150 minutes of exercise a week.  WheelPower suggest the best way of achieving this is by breaking your activity up into 30-minute sessions.

Getting Started

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Don’t rush into exercise.  Carefully consider how much you can push your body and if it’s safe to do so.  However once you get into a routine, the easier it will become.  If you do find yourself catching the ‘exercise bug’ and fancy doing something more strenuous, why not consider joining a sports club such as wheelchair dance, volleyball or powerlifting?  WheelPower has more information on a variety of sports.

Free Resistance Bands

Did you know if you’re disabled you can apply for your own set of resistance bands free of charge? Click HERE to head over to WheelPower and find out how.

Bob’s exercise programme is available on the WheelPower YouTube channel.

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