Model Behavior by Kate Stanforth

As a youngster I used to do quite a lot of modelling work.  However once I started using my wheelchair, this work seemed to stop.  Although I’ve had previous modelling experience, I officially signed with an agency in April this year.  Zebedee Management specifically manages people with disabilities or differences, which is why I knew we would work well together.

Getting the Job

I recently completed my second (and biggest!) job with the agency.  I was booked to model for Tu Clothing by Sainsbury’s, one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains. Tu was running a campaign called ‘Work It’ which represented inspirational women who don’t have a typical nine to five job.  I run my own non-profit charity and work for a short amount of time as a disabled dance teacher, which is why I was chosen for their campaign.

This month, I’m excited to take you behind the scenes of my Tu video shoot and share my experiences as a disabled model.

An Early Rise

My day started at 6am, which meant I could complete my full medication regime before getting a taxi to the video shoot.  I arrived at the studio and met the crew for the day.  I was also introduced to my nurse who was looking after me for this particular shoot.  This doesn’t happen on every set but it was incredibly useful to have her around.  I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed straight to hair, make-up and costume.

Take One

At around 10am the filming started.  I had my individual shots recorded and I then moved to a different studio to have my photographs taken.  It was a really quick process so I was able to have a rest and grab some more food.  The nurse brought me a sugary drink as my colour had started to drain and I needed an energy boost.

Nap Time

By the afternoon I was really starting to feel unwell.  The nurse had already noticed this and cleared a sofa so I could have a lie down.  The crew kindly moved the schedule around which allowed me to have a nap and regain some strength.  The late afternoon consisted of interviews and a group video session which was so much fun.  The organisers put some music on and my fellow models and I danced and had a laugh to get the final shots!

Wrap up

I didn’t finish up until early evening and despite feeling rather rough, I had the most incredible day.  What made it even more special was how adaptable the team were to my condition.  I had my own nurse, I slept for over three hours in the middle of the most important shoot of my life (only me!) and the team catered for everything from dietary requirements to disabled changing areas.  The effect on me physically lasts weeks but the impact this shoot has on me emotionally and in terms of achieving one of my dreams will last a lifetime.  I did it, I’m a disabled ambassador for a large clothing brand!

Everyone at Allied Mobility is extremely proud of Kate and her achievements so far.  Check out her profile on the Zebedee Management website and the brilliant Facebook video where she discusses disability in fashion.

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