Ready to Bowl

While bowls may have previously had a reputation for being a pastime reserved for retirement, it’s enjoying a resurgence as a skilled, tactical and accessible sport for all to enjoy.

The Aim of the Game

During a bowls match, the aim of the game is to roll weighted balls along a green trying to hit a smaller target ball known as a jack.  It requires skill and patience and is a fantastic way to be involved in competitive sports and to strengthen muscles.

Whatever the Weather

Bowls can be played all year round and in any weather.  What’s more, it can easily adapt to its players’ requirements, making it ideal for disabled players who want to get involved.  Recently, bowling clubs nationwide have increased their range of adaptive equipment to make sure needs are met.  Some of the adapted equipment on offer include lightweight powered wheelchairs and a range of walking aids, all with specially adapted smooth wheels.  This means the aids can be used to assist the player on the green without risking any damage to the surface of it.  If a player’s disability affects their grip, specialist delivery aids can hold their ball and launch it securely without any power needed.

Bowled Over

Not only does the sport help disabled players stay active and build strength, but the social side of the game can also be just as beneficial.  39-year-old Jonathan, who lives with Cerebral Palsy discovered bowls nine years ago, and he now plays at an international level.  His interest was first sparked when he watched a game of bowls being played on holiday.  Jonathan was enthralled in the match.  Soon after returning home, he joined a local bowling club where he now spends time playing and catching up with the friends he’s made.  Since starting to play bowls, Jonathan’s life has changed and he urges anyone of thinking about doing the same to get involved.

He says: “Playing bowls is a great way to meet new people and socialise with friends.  Winning any type of match has also given me a great sense of achievement and my confidence has grown.”

To find out more about bowls head online to the UK Bowls website.

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