Say Hello to Cleo – A New Type of Friend

Introducing Cleo, a new digital companion created by Biogen and designed to make life easier for those living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The app, which is completely free to download and sign up to, is a portable and handy resource for those living with MS.  It offers up to date information and articles relating to the condition, shares patient stories and you can even talk to an advisor using the Cleo chat function.

A Digital Companion

The idea behind Cleo is to have a simple, personalised mobile solution to support the MS community and help them to keep track of their health and wellbeing.  Cleo not only reminds patients to complete their therapy but considers their individual case and quality of life. The app can record symptoms, moods and any physical activity the patient undertakes.  Users can access tailored exercises, nutritional advice and even tasty recipes.

An Innovative Idea

The Biogen Healthcare Solutions Company, who’ve been studying technology and neurological diseases for over 40 years, developed the application.  The company aims to provide best-in-class digital solutions that improve patient care and providing trusted information on health and wellbeing is top of their agenda.

Vice President of Biogen UK, Terry O’Regan said: “Cleo reinforces our ongoing commitment to MS and is an example of our ambition to provide digital solutions that benefit people living with neurological conditions.”

As doctors usually only see MS patients twice a year, it can be difficult to pinpoint small changes as they occur.  The journal aspect of the app allows patients to track their symptoms daily and over several months, meaning that even if a doctor’s appointment falls on a ‘good’ day the tracker can be shown to the doctor to better explain how a patient felt in the previous few weeks or months.

Improving Quality of Life

Biogen continue to work with healthcare specialists creating exercise programs tailored to different types of MS as well as collaborating with nutritionists to prepare meal plans and other new delicious recipes.  Cleo is already available in Germany, France, Canada, Japan and the US and will continue to add new content based on feedback from the MS community.  It’s available for you to download for iOS and Android now.

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