The Future Is Accessible

With technology advancing constantly, there are now some great products available to make life more accessible for people living with disabilities.  We’ve put together a selection of the most exciting new technology that could have a big effect on the lives of millions.

Braille Terminals

Many people with a visual impairment read braille.  Braille terminals are connected to a computer, smartphone or tablet and use screen-reading technology to display this information as braille characters.  While the technology has been around for a while, the newest generation of terminals are light, compact and portable so they can be used on the go.  They’re particularly useful for deaf-blind users and the refreshable braille displays make a huge difference in helping people stay connected.

Voice Recognition

For those with a disability that affects their mobility or movement, they can use this technology to gain more independence.  Users can train a device to recognise their voice and then complete commands.  They’re also able to schedule their day, write text messages and even control the lights and heating in their home simply by using their voice.

Creative Ways to Communicate

While voice technology has been highly successful, those who are non-verbal can also benefit from new technology available.  There are now several apps available for smartphones that include eye gaze technology with the functionality to track eye movements.  This means that people with little or no movement can use it with their digital communication device and talk with friends or family.

Smart Glasses

While Smart Glasses like the ones made by Google didn’t exactly take the world by storm, the technology behind them can have life-changing effects for those who live with eye conditions.  The glasses can zoom into objects and change the colour and contrast for a sharper picture.


Gaming has become a popular hobby.  To make sure their products were fully accessible, Microsoft released an adaptive controller for their Xbox console.  The controller consists of two large touch-responsive pads as well as several ports where adaptive add-ons can be attached.  The adaptive controllers have already been a hit with gamers across the world and Microsoft has plans for more adaptive technology.  Watch this space!

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