Vehicle Delivery Update from Allied Mobility

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently completed an initial trial of wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) deliveries to some of our own customers.  Following government advice on social distancing and best practice, we’ve made some key changes to the way we hand over your mobility car.

What’s Changed?

With your safety and wellbeing our top priority, we want to make sure we adhere to the guidelines currently in place for the UK.  This primarily means keeping at least a two-metre distance from you at all times.

Protecting Each Other

Our uniform will look a bit different too as we’ll now be dressed in a face mask and gloves.  We also ask that you and the person accompanying you for the handover wear some form of protective equipment such as gloves or a scarf for extra safety.

Keeping Your Car Clean

Before we carry out the handover, we’ll use disinfectant wipes or spray to clean all areas of your WAV we’ve come into contact with.  This includes anything we might have touched such as the steering wheel, gearbox, indicators and door handles.

Your Refresher

Your mobility driver will demonstrate how to use the accessible parts of your vehicle and again, wipe down anything they’ve touched.  They’ll then watch from a safe distance as you and your family member or appointed carer enter the vehicle in your wheelchair via the ramp or lift and use the restraints, electric winch (if you have one) and seatbelt.  Once you’re happy and confident with your new car, you can inspect it to ensure it’s up to the high standard you can expect.


We know these changes may sound daunting, so we’d like to share some of the customer feedback we’ve received on our new-look deliveries.

Reggie Smith from Erith said: “The delivery went extremely smoothly and the driver was very professional.  I was happy with levels of PPE worn and did not feel uncomfortable at all.  I could see the driver sanitise the vehicle and was pleased with the standard this was carried out to.  The driver showed me how everything worked whilst maintaining social distancing and provided a detailed explanation on how the adaptions and other components work.”

Ivo Roy Betteridge from Swindon said: “The delivery was brilliant.  I’m very happy with the car and Jamie [the mobility driver] was excellent.  He wore PPE and spoke to me whilst maintaining social distancing.  Jamie sprayed everything down and it really boosted my confidence.”

Mr David McGowan from Aberdeen said: “It was an absolutely perfect delivery.  The driver cleaned all round the car and explained everything perfectly.  He was able to talk me through the features of the vehicle whilst maintaining the two-metre distance.  I thought everything was handled perfectly.”

 Mr John Spence from Brighton said: “The delivery went very well.  The driver rang me half an hour before arriving and explained everything that was going to happen, such as the PPE and social distancing.  I thought this was a good touch.”

Full List of Changes

To read about the full list of changes we’ve made to delivering your wheelchair accessible vehicle, you can click HERE.  Please kindly note that our mobility team will be in touch with you when it’s time to arrange your delivery and they’ll explain the entire process in more detail to ensure you’re fully aware and comfortable with the changes.

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