Allied Mobility Hire offers a wide range of small, medium and large adapted vehicles.  When you opt for Allied Mobility’s hire service, you can choose which car adaptations and driving aids you need.

Adapted Car Hire from Allied Mobility

Driving a standard hire car can be difficult if you have a disability, or reduced mobility or strength in your arms or legs.  We understand the challenges you face with renting a car when you use adaptations and disabled driving aids, so our adapted car hire team can guide you through the process to choose the right mobility car for you.

Our rental car adaptations include:


  • Driving aids, such as push pull hand brake extensions and pedal extensions
  • Steering aids
  • Wireless keypad controls

Disabled Driving Made Easy

If you need an adapted vehicle hire to replace your own car for a short or longer term, then you can choose from our extensive adapted vehicles fleet which includes:

small adapted car

Small adapted vehicles for hire

medium adapted car

Medium adapted vehicles for hire

large adapted car

Large adapted vehicles for hire

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