When considering which wheelchair accessible vehicle best suits your needs, keep in mind the various features our WAV conversions can offer.

Feature Details
Lowered floor More headroom and easier ramp gradient.
Lowering suspension Vehicle can be lowered for an easier ramp gradient.
High roof Increased headroom.
Folding seats Rear seats fold away to make room for the wheelchair passenger and can be folded back when needed.
Folding ramps All Allied Mobility wheelchair vehicles include an easy-to-use lightweight ramp. Counterweights or springs make the ramp easier to fold in and out. The new FlexiFold™ wheelchair ramp is simple to use and can be folded flat to the vehicle floor when not in use.
Safety All Allied WAVs also have a system to secure the wheelchair and a specially designed seat belt for the wheelchair passenger.
Electric winch If your carer/partner has trouble pushing your wheelchair up the ramp, an electric winch can be fitted to help you.
Lifts Our minibus WAVs for group transport can be fitted with either a lift or ramp to aid entry and exit.