Driving a wheelchair car or MPV from your wheelchair gives you great freedom, with automatic features facilitating a completely independent drive. There are two types of WAV conversions for wheelchair user-drivers:

  • Transfer to standard/adapted driver’s seat
  • Drive directly from your wheelchair


Converted WAVs for wheelchair user-drivers provide a clear route from point of entry to the driving position and so have fewer rear seats than other smaller size wheelchair passenger WAVs. Wheelchair entry in Allied’s drive-from-wheelchair cars is from the rear of the vehicle. We also offer remote-operated lowering suspension and unfolding of the access ramp, allowing you fully independent entry or exit.

Before settling on a drive-from-wheelchair vehicle we will also arrange for you to have a detailed assessment to ensure the vehicle is best tailored to your individual needs.

Custom Fitted Adaptations

Wheelchair drivers, in most instances, need some form of driving adaptations, such as hand controls, that are tailored to their individual needs. Some examples include:

  • Pedal extensions
  • Hand controls
  • Indicator extension
  • Steering spinners

A wide range of driving aids and adaptations is available through Allied Mobility.