Many wheelchair users prefer a WAV because it enables you to travel in your wheelchair, without the need to transfer into a car seat and then stow your wheelchair inside the vehicle.

Moving to a car seat with the aid of a hoist may be quite an uncomfortable option for you. Selecting a WAV will enable you to travel in your wheelchair, letting you have a more comfortable journey. If you are unable to transfer to a car seat then a WAV is the perfect solution, giving you freedom to travel where you want, when you want. All our WAVs offer complete security with high quality safety features including wheelchair restraints, a wheelchair passenger seatbelt and wheelchair access ramps. Some people who are able to transfer to the car seats also find a WAV provides the easiest way to transport their wheelchair.

Scooter Users

Our WAVs are also increasingly popular with scooter users. They make it easy and safe to load and transport your scooter, while you transfer and travel comfortably in the passenger seat.

Popular Reasons for Getting a WAV

  • No need to transfer from your wheelchair
  • Getting in and out can be quick and easy
  • Room for family and luggage
  • Choice of models now available from Allied Mobility to buy, hire or through the Motability Scheme
  • Ideal for storing your wheelchair and for scooter users too

Alternatives to WAVs

If you find it easy to transfer to a car seat and have no difficulty stowing your wheelchair, then adaptations can be made to standard cars to help you travel with ease. Aids such as swivel chairs, hand controls, hoists and rooftop and boot stowage are just a few of the alternatives available.